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Focused chiropractic care to optimize and normalize health in the mom and prepare her body for birth. Moms under regular chiropractic care experience better pregnancies with fewer health issues and enjoy faster, easier births all while elevating the development of the baby.



We focus on the health and optimal function of your child. It's all about improving health and wellness, not just dealing with the problems.

We see babies with nursing issues, colic, and ear infections. We see kids with enuresis, digestive issues and Autism. No matter the condition the child comes in with, we focus on finding the root cause of their health issues and correcting that so their health and life is improved.



Concentrated chiropractic care to help all ages and kinds of athletes. We care for the children playing sports and for all of those weekend warriors. From golf to snowmobiling to those things that keep you active, you can find relief from common conditions such as sore joints, back pain, extremity injuries, concussions and more. We want to get you back out there quickly, but throughly cared for, so you can get back doing the activities you love.

Our Vision

A community of connected and empowered families that are proactive in elevating their Innate potential.

Our Mission

To serve our community, especially children, by removing the labels placed upon each individual and elevating the potential of their life through a chiropractic lifestyle.

Our Purpose

Help individuals shift their perception by helping them understand true health through a salutogenic model of health.