Elevated Life Family Chiropractic PLLC opened February 2018. After buying the building, Randy and many others worked hard to transform it from a hair salon to a chiropractic office. We enjoyed the experience of making it our own peaceful, comfortable place for you and your family to come elevate your health.

Because many of our clients are parents of little ones, we made sure to include a wonderful kid's room for your children to play and settle into the office. We hope the mountains on the wall inspire them to dream big and go on exciting adventures! Along with these things we try and make the adjustment and office as kid friendly as possible. Dr. Randy loves kids and does well making them feel at home with patience and understanding. The adjust-a-bear helps too!

With pregnant and nursing women being one of Dr. Randy's specialties, we have also included a quiet and private breastfeeding room. We know that it may be hard to breastfeed in public, especially with a new infant working on their latch, so we created a space for you to relax and nurse comfortably in peace. Many mothers come to the office to receive help specifically with common breastfeeding “difficulties”. We hope that this room will help with your breastfeeding endeavors.


We have pillows for pregnant women to lay on while they are getting adjusted. When the belly gets too big to lay down comfortably, these pillows allow for you to lay on your stomach to while getting adjusted. Some women ask to just come and lay on the table with the pillows because they miss laying on their stomachs so much! It’s quite relaxing.

Our goal at Elevated Life Family Chiropractic is to help you to live your best life from the beginning to the end. We truly believe that your body has the potential to heal and help itself through chiropractic, allowing you to live an elevated life.