You play your best when you feel your best.

Dr. Randy Searle is an avid athlete and when he was younger participating in almost every sport possible. His competitive spirit and love for sports led him to obtain his BS in Athletic Training where he learned how to care for athletes in many ways. He continued learning how to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and help athletes heal from their injuries faster and more complete through Chiropractic school.

Dr. Randy has specific techniques that have helped elevate the potential of athletes by improving their performance and preventing possible injuries. These same techniques have been proven to help athletes with chronic injuries and pain get back to competing without the focus on the injury or pain including kinesiology taping. He focuses on removing the lost hope of “it’s just something you’ll have to deal with forever” and restoring the hope that your body knows how to heal when given the opportunity. By removing the interferences in the body and caring for athletes as a whole person, while focusing on the site of concern, Dr. Randy has been able to get those that have suffered from reoccurring shoulder, knee, and concussion injuries back to playing quicker and without the worry of re-injury.

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